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Department Of Journalism

About Department

The Department of Journalism was established in 1987 with the vision of providing media education and also practical experience in the field, to all the classes of students in society, as Journalism is the watch dog of the society.

Journalism is one of the Optional Subjects for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) course. Media, both Print and Electronic, being one of the most sought after subjects in the contemporary scenario, the demand for this subject is increasing every year. Journalism as a cognate subject is offered along with Sociology and Political Science. This combination is ideal as the students learn about the society and politics which are very important for a journalistic perspective.

Objectives :

  • To train students to get an insight into the Journalistic field
  • To make students understand the nuances of print and electronic media and also provide an understanding of the social media
  • To make students career ready on case by case basis
  • To make students get the feel of reporting and editing by making them bring out wall papers and newsletters
  • To provide an ‘on the field’ understanding through input from journalists and experts working in the field

Staff : Dr.Halaswamy K.G

Qualification: MA, PhD

Designation: Associate Professor

Subject: Communication and Journalism 

Teaching Methodology :-

The teaching methodology will vary from paper to paper. In all, classroom lecture shall be supplemented with student Presentation, Discussion, and Class Assignments. In some of the papers, students are encouraged to gain leadership skills by organizing Press Conference, Media visits,Workshops etc. Working on lab Journals or wall magazines will be the method through which they will get practical exposer is through making them work on wallpaper, Newspaper, anchoring, news reading, program production for Radio and Television.

Course Duration : 3 Years full time

Eligibility : 10 + 2

Affiliation : Bengaluru Central University (BCU)

Level : Graduation

Type : Degree

Course Overview: Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate course with Journalism, Political Science and Sociology as optional subjects with English and languages , The subject journalism and communication course is basically a study and method to collect as well as distribute the news and create general awareness among the public, through print as well as electronic media.

Journalism is generally classified traditionally into two categories – The print and Electronic media . Presently the social media has gained a tremendous importance.

At the degree level, Journalism generally involves teaching and training- regarding reporting, Writing, Editing, Photography etc. The purpose of program is to teach students as how to inform, enlighten and educate people.

The subject helps students in being trained to join media organizations and also take up competitive exams. The students are exposed to real life situations and gain valuable media knowledge during their study. The department provides a platform to the students in their overall personality development and self confidence.

Syllabus of Journalism Combination as Prescribed by BCU (BENGALURU CENTRAL UNIVERSITY)


Semester. 1

Sl.No  Subjects of Study
01 Language 1     -     Kannada/Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Sanskrit/Urdu/Additional English any one
02 Language 2     -     English
03 Journalism-Paper 1: Introduction to Communication and Media
04 Political Science-Paper 1
05 Sociology        --Paper 1

Semester . 2

Sl.No Subjects Of Study

Language 1  - Kannada/Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Sanskrit/Urdu/Additional English any one

02 Language 2   -     English
03 Journalism -Paper 2 : Print Media
04 Political Science  –Paper 2
05 Sociology  -- Paper 2

Semester . 3

Sl.No Subjects Of Study

Language 1  - Kannada/Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Sanskrit/Urdu/Additional English any one

02 Language 2   -     English
03 Journalism - Paper 3 :Audio – Visual Media
04 Political Science  –Paper 3
05 Sociology  -- Paper 3

Semester . 4

Sl.No Subjects Of Study

Language 1  - Kannada/Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Sanskrit/Urdu/Additional English any one

02 Language 2   -     English
03 Journalism - Paper 4 : Media Laws
04 Political Science  –Paper 4
05 Sociology  -- Paper 4

Semester. 5

Sl.No Subjects Of Study

Journalism   Paper-5:Reporting



Political Science   – Paper 5

                          - Paper 5


Sociology  - Paper 6

                - Paper 6

Semester. 6

Sl.No Subjects Of Study

Journalism   Paper-7: Media Management

                   Paper-8: Advertising and public Relations


Political Science   – Paper 7

                          - Paper 7


Sociology  - Paper 8

                - Paper 8


Job opportunities:

The combination of journalism, sociology and political science helps in writing competitive exams. It also helps in gaining self confidence as involves in being part of public life. After completion of the BA course with Journalism, Sociology and Political Science, Students have many options to be employed in the field of Print and Electronic media or can even start Newspaper, Magazine, Community Radio, FM Radio, Television Channels, web journalism, Advertising Agencies, Public relations, Media Consultancy or can become a media adviser.

Journalism graduates in the Print &Electronic media employ News anchor, Radio Jockey, Talk show host, script writer , News analyst, Actor, Professional blogger, News associate, Associate Producer, Film maker, Photographer, Videographer, Reporter, Sub editor, News writer, editor, magazine, writer/editor, columnist, Designer, Creative writer. Special correspondence, Public Relation Officer(PRO), Image building, Media relations officer, Social media manager content writer, marketing manager , event manager etc.  

Higher Education :-

Students can also pursue higher education as post graduate MA in mass communication and journalism, M Sc in Electronic media, post graduate Diploma in Journalism, Public relations, Advertising, Media management, Audio visual production.

Students Achievements :-

Vishakha K is working as senior Journalist in Prajavani, Pradeep.B.S has become a class I Officer of Karnataka Govt. Dr.Umashankar is a Professor in Manipal Institition,B-lore. Krishna is working as Advertising and Event manager of a Leading Ad company LINTAS . Dr,Manjula.K , Parvathi.S.Y , Ganesh,Mohan , Joseph are working as Journalism Teacher. Sathishchandra, Subhash, Shakunthala, Hemavathi, Shwetha.K, Pramoda, Marulasiddapp, Lavanya,Praveen,Ravi,Shekar, Pradeep and others are serving as Journalists in Print and Electronic media. Jaipal is a corporator of BBMP

The department of Journalism has been associating with Karnataka Institute for Law and Parliamentary Reforms, KSJCTA, Doordarshan Kendra and other media centre & associations


Department of History


Department information

Name of the Department          :       History

Year of Establishment                :       1994

Faculty Details                            :       Manika A.Biradar M., M.Phil

                                                          HOD Department of History

4) Academic Programmers

Under Department                     :       B.A Bachelor of Arts. HEK, HEP

History Enconomics in Kannada Poetical Science

BA : Bechalor of Arts Degree 3 Years course and 6 Semester CBSC Syllabus 1st Year Degree Course from central University and 2nd 3rd B.A come under B-U Bangalore. I followed both university syllabus and examination critera etc.,

Department facilities - To improve the student strength of our department. Department has conducted seminars tutorials test to 2nd-4th-6th Semester Student. I adviced to student have participate competition like Essay, Sports, Quize, drama, cultural activities etc., which conducted in our college. I am also incharge of NSS Co-Ordinator of our college. The department has organized Historical Study tour to our student in Karnataka and out side Karnataka.

I am Also a member of various committee which is nominated by our principal at our college.


 Department Of Political Science

Department of Political science Established                       : 1989

Academic Programs under department

B A.- Bechlar of Arts –

1. SJP (Sociology/Journalism/Political Science)

2.HEP (History/Economics/Political Science)

3.In 2014-15 “Indian Constitution and Human Rights”was introduced for all undergraduate students as a non-core subject by Bangalore University,Bangalore

Faculty Details-

1.Dr.Revappagouda B Patil,

                       M A. M phil.Ph.D

 Associate Professor.and HOD



Department of Sociology has started in the year 1989 with combination of Journalism & Political Science. The Syllabus is framed by Bangalore Central University for I,II,III,IV,V, & VI Semester Sociology.

The Department is headed by Prof. Shylaja M., M.A. M.Phil. Associate Professor   Ph: 9886854890

Objectives of the Department :

* To Develop Social responsibility among the students.

* To create awareness about various Social problems.

* To make students to participate in activities like social surveys and projects  

   To gather information connected to their syllabus.

* To make students to take part in social service activities.

* To develop in them harmonious and scientific outlook towards Society.

Teaching Methodology:

Traditional Teaching Method, Field Visit Regular assignments, Tutorials, Conducting competitions projects on syllabus & social issues & Problems Regular tests, Seminars, Internet.


To Develop Sociological view point among students to have better knowledge about their own society. To create holistic view in the analysis of their own culture and other cultures. To make them responsible citizens of India.

Department Of Kannada

Courses started In

B.Sc                                        -          1984-85

B.A                                          -          1989-90

B.Com                                     -          1989-90

B.A –Opt. kannada                    -         1994-95

B.B.A                                       -          2006-07



Dr. Suvarna Sanganna Huded M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D

Associate Professor

26 years Experience

Department Faculties

Prof. Ravindranath   Punneshetty M.A., B.Ed.

Associate Professor

32 years Experience

Sri. Shivaprasad.T M.A NET, SLET

Assistant Professor

11 years Experience.

Vision: Kannada language is one of the oldest languages in the world. It has its own history in literature and culture. we want to secure our culture and literature through the Students by teaching kannada literature.

Department Best Practice

  • Every year we provide cash awards for the topper in Kannada
  • Every year we pay the fees and we will give the books or arrange other facilities who are economically weaker
  • Drama
  • Movies
  • Folk songs
  • Guest Speaker
  • Vachana kammata Exams
  • You tube videos